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  • Atlantic seabass


    Onions help to improve the digestive system, normalize water-salt metabolism and increase the tone of the body and also have an antiseptic and antimicrobial effect. As a result, onions should be consumed during an increased risk of catching a viral infection (usually autumn-winter-spring).

  • Baby Crown Pillow


    This snugly, take-it-everywhere your baby goes pillow is the perfect size and softness for your baby. Made of organic cotton fabric with hypoallergenic polyester filling for sensitive baby.

  • Bacon


    Radish in is famous for being one of the first vegetables to appear in spring. During this period, after a long winter and lack of vitamins, it serves as a source of many useful substances for us. It is especially important to eat radish in spring for people with poor immunity.

  • Bear Pillow

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    This Hand Woven Pillow is specially prepared just for you. The whole pillow, back and front, is in one piece and entirely woven on a loom. The process of creating your personalized pillow begins with producing thick, soft cloth, after which your personal request is embroidered carefully into the pillow.

  • Beef tenderloin


    Raspberries are sweet berries which a specifically beloved by children as they are quick and handy to eat. The homeland of raspberries is considered to be Central Europe. Currently, their shrubs are grown in Russia, USA, Serbia and Montenegro.

  • Chicken fillet


    Strawberry is a berry that does not exist in nature in a wild-growing form. It was obtained by hybridization of two varieties of strawberries in the XVIII century in Holland and began to be mass-grown only in the 20th century.

  • Cloud Rug


    Add a little shooting star magic into your styling with this felted cloud rug. This cloud rug is a charming addition to any nursery, kids room, play room or living room.
    These rugs are handmade with love using 100% felted wool and are available in many colors.

  • Crown Pillow

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    This organic linen crown pillow is a wonderful choice for nursery or baby crib decor, and a great idea for a baby shower or birthday gift. Perfect to decorate your room in a simple and fashion way. To make the cushion personalized, you can add a name or any custom text on it.

  • Eddy The Hedgehog


    Animal shaped pillow, decorative pillow for a kids room, kindergarten or living room decor. Soft and funny knitted hedgehog will make your room more cozy and enjoyable. It is so cute that you’ll just want to hug and pat him. You can use it as a cushion or a toy.

    The hedgehog comes in 3 colors – beige, brown and gray. It is a great gift for your child!

  • Elephant Toy

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    A lovely gift for a mum-to-be, an excellent baby shower or birthday present, or an every day ‘I love you’ to any child in your life.

  • Girls Floral Dress


    A gorgeous floral winter dress featuring a beautiful handmade with loving care and attention to detail. Made with tip quality designer cotton fabrics, this dress flows perfectly with its high-waist skirt.

  • Grill sausages


    Blackberries are eaten fresh, and jams are made from them as well as wine and liquors. Eating blackberries is popular in cooking. It makes excellent desserts – pies, ice cream, muffins, rolls and pancakes with blackberry filling, as well as all kinds of drinks, including alcoholic, syrups, tinctures.

Showing 1–12 of 38 results